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Welcome to Texas Brews

Texas Brews seeks to advocate, inform and educate about craft beer in Texas with a focus on craft beer made in Texas. Our core values are Education, Advocacy and Accessibility.

If you're new to the site, read up on what inspired us to start TexasBrews.org.

Scooter Hendon – Founder, Editor

Scooter Hendon

Scooter Hendon lives in Fort Worth Texas with his wife Lindsay and a couple of awesome dogs. He graduated from Texas State University with a B.A in print journalism and a minor in communication design. After designing and writing at a large metropolitan newspaper (the one in Fort Worth) for four years, his job was cut. Still a designer, but not in journalism, he found the need to scratch that itch and get back into writing, and thus this site was born. Scooter is also a novice homebrewer and wannabe connoisseur.

Scooter’s interests (other than beer) are slow-pitch softball (sport of lazy kings), basketball (watching more than playing these days), growing a beard (I will scare your kids), rocking out to an array of bitchin’ tunes (a lot of metal), playing chess (not as good as he thinks he is) and writing with way too many parentheticals (yep).


Beer style: Imperial India Pale Ale (IPA)
Texas year round: Revolver Blood and Honey, Lakewood Temptress
Texas seasonal: Saint Arnold Summer Pils
Non-Texas brewery: Great Divide
Texas sports team: Houston Astros

Brandon East – Founder, Editor

Brandon East

Brandon East is a beer-and-food writer and a passionate craft-beer advocate from Beaumont, Texas with a BA in Advertising from Texas Tech University. For two years he wrote for VIP of Southeast Texas magazine and for the past three years he has hosted one of the largest craft beer and food events in Texas (The Art of Beer) as a benefit for the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. Brandon is also a consultant for restaurants and bars and has guided numerous private beer tastings and pairing events.

He’s also the creator of a secret supper club in Beaumont (in its second year), which will remain nameless. Like craft beer, Brandon also enjoys discovering independent/craft music and posts monthly mixtapes (mostly: folk, pop, rock, chillwave, hip-hop) on Album Share on Facebook.

As the Marketing Director for GPPGolf.com, he is known to create introductory, custom beer shopping lists for employees, leering them into the world of good beer.

His wonderful wife, Anne puts up with all this.


Beer style: American Wild Ale
Texas year round: Live Oak Hefeweizen
Texas seasonal: Jester King Black Metal Imperial Stout
Non-Texas brewery: Russian River Brewing Company
Texas sports team: Texas Tech Red Raider Football

Aaron Dougherty – Videographer

Aaron Dougherty

Aaron is a Fort Worth-based Freelance Commercial Photographer/Videographer specializing in product, lifestyle and fashion photography. He works with national brands as well as local small businesses.

When not behind a camera Aaron works off the beer calories playing tennis, kayaking or cycling.


Beer style: Belgian Trappist Ale
Texas year round: Rahr Ugly Pug
Texas seasonal: Rahr Summertime Wheat
Non-Texas brewery: Goose Island Brewery (Aaron is from Chicago)
Texas sports team: Texas Rangers

All About Texas Brews

Right now, you may be asking yourself do we really need another beer website? Is TexasBrews.org going offer something different? Wait … Texas makes good beer? Is this guy going to stop asking rhetorical questions and get on with it? The answer is a big, fat Texas YES.

The concept for this site was created out of our love for two things: Texas and Beer. A life-long Texan, I know first-hand the pride we have in our state. We kick ass at a lot of things. Food, industry, arts, commerce, natural resources. You name it, we're good at it. But over time, I started to realize that by and large, that while we're proud of many things, not one of those things is beer. Sure, there are fiercely devoted fans of Texas brewing, but even though Texans rank second for most beer-drinkingest state in the country (Texans consume more beer per capita than Ireland or Germany - see this important beer research), our most popular beer is Bud Light. The other nine in the top ten are also Bud, Miller or Coors products with nary a Texas-owned company producing a top 10 beer in the state (NEED MORE RESEARCH). Frankly, this info chaps my ass.

Why, I asked, would so many people toss back foreign-owned products that taste like fizzy piss when there is so much great beer brewed right in our own backyards? As I contemplated, I figured out there were 4 reasons why. Time, price, comfort, and lack of information.


Texas, as compared to the rest of the country is rather late the craft beer movement. Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner has been producing quality beer for more than a century now, but are the only ones from the olden days to survive. Saint Arnold came around in 1994 when the movement was starting to bloom and Real Ale followed shortly thereafter. I won't make this a full-on history lesson, but many other smaller breweries haven't survived the journey and it's going to take more time to build us up to being a craft-brewing state. Will we ever be Oregon, California or Colorado? Probably not. But more time should see our breweries develop and diversify.


This is a main sticking point for a lot of people. When one beer costs $5.49 per six pack and a six pack of something else is $7.99, you're going to pick the one that's $5.49 if you don't know any different. It's simple personal economics. For some, craft beer is an occasional luxury, for others it's a way of life (and for some it's not even on the radar). As this site will hopefully illustrate, craft beer (and specifically Texas craft beer) is an affordable luxury that can help your taste buds and your state.


Chances are, you have a friend who drinks beer that identifies themselves as a "Bud man", or a "Coors Light man". Comfort is a powerful thing and drives an endless number of purchases and decisions we make on a daily basis. To enjoy new things, many times we must exit that comfort bubble and try new things. Might they be a little pricier? Yes. Might they taste different and deliver a new experience? Yes. But, through becoming more well informed, both of those transitions will be a little easier. Which brings me to…


This is where we come in. Our site will seek to inform you about every possible thing we can pack into this site about Texas that is beer related. Want to know what beer goes great with the brisket you just smoked? Want to know what beers go great with a hot summer day? Want to know the latest news from your favorite Texas brewery? Rest assured that this site is all about answering questions and informing the public about Texas craft beer.

If you've gotten this far, you likely care some about craft beer or are getting really damn interested. Just know that this site will not be only for newbies. There will be many interviews, opinion features, trends stories and news to provide something for the already-seasoned beer geek. As the site progresses, we have some lofty goals to provide more than just info about beer such as holding and promoting events about Texas beer, advocating for state law changes, info about homebrewing and branching out into other areas we haven't even thought of yet. So, stick with us, we'll be growing and the site will be a living document that is constantly changing, just like the Texas beer scene.

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