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Saint Arnold Brewing Company Fancy Lawnmower

Fancy Lawnmower

Beer Type: Kölsch
ABV: 4.9
IBU: 20
Serving Temp: 35-45 degrees
Debut: August 2000

Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower is one of the more naturally approachable beers to really kick start your way into craft beer. Why? Because it has some of the familiar lighter, more refreshing qualities you'll find in many mass marketed beers with one distinct difference: It’s much more interesting. The style is a Kölsch, which is a German-style ale that is typically brewed at lager temperatures. The cooler temperatures gives the beer a crispness and cleaner, more refreshing taste while the ale yeast gives the beer light, fruity complexities. If you like Lawnmower, also try the similar Saint Arnold Texas Wheat for another crisp, refreshing treat.

Nerdy Stuff

Appearance: Transparent golden, straw color with a thin, receding head.
Aroma: Sweet malts that lend bready characteristics, nice herbal hoppiness, with slight purple grape skin aroma.
Taste: Spot-on ale fruitiness set along a light crackery profile and a delicate finishing bitterness that combines with the lagering. Yield a beer that is impressively sessionable and approachable.
Mouthfeel: Light bodied and great carbonation with subtle dryness throughout.
Drinkability: This is amazingly drinkable and a perfect introduction into Texas craft beer. If you haven't yet experienced Fancy Lawnmower, make it your next grab. If you have, you know why we keep it in regular rotation through our fridge.

Awards & Medals

Gold Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Kölsch, 2010
Gold Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Kölsch, 2007
Bronze Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Kolsch, 2006
Bronze Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Kölsch, 2000

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