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Real Ale Brewing Company Firemans #4

Firemans #4

Beer Type: American Blonde Ale
ABV: 5.1
IBU: 21
Serving Temp: 38 degrees

Sorry firefighters, but Firemans #4 (commonly misspelled with an apostrophe) is actually named after a bicycle company and coincidentally would go great as a refresher after a bike ride. Firemans is a refreshing Texas classic and is about as satisfyingly drinkable as they come. Versatile, widely available and tasty as hell, Firemans #4 (you don’t actually have to say the word “number”), is one that belongs on every Texan bar’s backwall and every Texan’s fridge. And if they allowed firefighters a beer after saving lives and knocking down fire, this one would go excellently. Save it for after you clock out, fellas.

Nerdy Stuff

Appearance: Pale yellow with white, quickly dissapating head and lots of bubbles.
Aroma: Grassy, light citrus, tangy lemon and a faint hop presence.
Taste: Opens with a tangy snap and citrusy hops with sweet bready malts.
Mouthfeel: Thin, non-coating. Flavor is quick, bold and exits quickly.
Drinkability: Modest hops and malt makes this an infinitely drinkable for any time.

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