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Southern Star Brewing Company Walloon


Beer Type: Grisette
ABV: 5.5
IBU: 23
Serving Temp: 45
Debut: late April 2011

Southern Star's new summer seasonal, Walloon is quite a rarity as it is a pseudo-style scarcely brewed by any American brewers and recently not brewed by many Belgians. This obscure and under-the-radar beer, Grisette, falls under the Belgian farmhouse, almost Saison style of brews. But farmhouse origins it does not reign, rather from the hyper-regional area of Wallonia in south Belgium and was created to quaff after long and dirty days for early 19th century coal miners. Grisette is in quite good company, as Walloon is a region that is home to three of the seven Trappist breweries: Orval, Rochefort, and Chimay.

Jeff Hamm and Dave Fuerguron have brought this beer out of Belgian inconspicuousness and thankfully to our Texas fridges, to make Walloon the inaugural seasonal addition to their portfolio. We're very happy! Walloon is now only available in draft and growlers but will be in cans soon. Walloon is made with a nice splash of wheat, right around 40% and has the recognizable Belgian characteristics, minus the spicy or somewhat funky notes you may find in other Farmhouse style brews.

Now only if we could petition the United Mine Workers of American to have Walloon very accessible on dig sites. Who's with us?!

Nerdy Stuff

Appearance: The hazy, glowing, persimmon brew pours from a growler and quickly displays frothy head with tight bubbles.
Aroma: Crackery with a touch of unripe banana, earthy but not funky, some citrusy notes, some orange zest.
Taste: Persimmon-like, with some mango characteristics, faint banana again and has nice grain and wheat profiles tangled with the yeast and soft sweetness is just profoundly delicious.
Mouthfeel: A medium, zesty carbonation allows Walloon to be superbly delicious on its own and acts as a great food partner. Also it is very moderate on the ABV scale (5.5%) so the alcohol tiptoes underneath the beer's other favorable qualities.
Drinkability: Incredibly, incredibly drinkable; a noble fit for Texas summers. Just perfect. It is simply so excellent to have Walloon as a seasonal in the Lone Star State. Just a tip, until cans are available, a single growler will go quickly, so buy two.

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