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Independence Brewing Co.


3913 Todd Lane #607, Austin, TX 78744, 512-707-0099

Independence Brewing Company is closing in on their seventh anniversary and is the longest-running Austin brewery that commercially bottles their beers. Currently only available in the Austin/San Antonio areas, Independence generally makes traditional styles of beer that are smooth and easy drinking. Don’t be fooled by the “easy drinking” tag: Their beers don’t lack in flavor. From their lightest offering ( Freestyle Wheat) to their darkest ( Convict Hill), Independence runs the gamut from crisp and refreshing to hoppy and bright to dark and thick.

Founders Rob and Amy Cartwright have made a point of harnessing inspiration from Texas history in their beer naming and labeling, and for that, we salute them.

Independence holds a brewery tour and tasting on the first Saturday of every month from 1-2 p.m.

Independence Brewing Co.'s Beer List

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Independence Brewing Co.


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More About Independence Brewing Co.

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Independence Brewing Co.

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