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Saint Arnold Brewing Company

June 9, 1994

2000 Lyons Ave. Houston, TX 77020 713.686.9494

Texas is better because of Saint Arnold Brewing Company. It truly is. Since founder, Brock Wagner joined the craft beer uptick in 1994 he has led his brewery to become the pivotal force of weening Texan beer drinkers from macro-lagers to their portfolio of delicious enlightenment. It’s a quick and easy conversion—just slip in a sixer of Lawnmower or Amber into your fridge and consume. And so the craft beer adventure and advocacy begins.

Their late 2009 expansion into a new 100,000-plus square foot brewery with a 100,000 max barrels-per-year capacity is a nod to their bourgeoning success. All while (until recently) only distributing throughout the Lone Star State.

At Saint Arnold, you won’t find a Wild Ale oak aged in French Chardonnay barrels with blueberries and lemon rind. Instead, what you’ll find are very approachable, award-winning beers that fit perfectly into their said style. The Brown Ale is a nice brown ale. The Amber Ale is satisfying amber ale. The Divine Reserve 11, Double IPA, a splendid Double IPA. They are all fine, quality examples of well-executed styles, just without heavy flair. And we like that.

Their seasonals: Spring Bock, Summer Pils, Oktoberfest, Christmas Ale, and Winter Stout are always an anticipated treat for the Saint Arnold faithful. The occasional and much-hyped Divine Reserve releases have some Texans burning a day of vacation, scrambling to get their paws on a couple of very limited sixers and/or draft pints. Again, no Kopi Luwak coffee & Madagascar Vanilla Imperial Stouts aged in 23yr Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels nor Barleywines aged in apple brandy barrels on dates, or obscure styles will be found in the Divine series, just wholesome brews.

Brock’s educational “Movable Yeast Series” breeds interest in yeast’s sometimes overlooked importance within beer characteristics. Although the brews (Altared Amber, Farmhouse Brown, and Weedwacker) don’t really bring their flagships to new style frontiers, what is important is that they are all potable conversations of yeast’s major affect on beer’s flavor, aroma, and structure.

There is a grand time to be had on Saturday afternoons at the brewery and its enormous beer hall, also. You can bring your own food and pair it up with their various available styles. Saturdays can be jam packed, so get there early to claim a seat. Check their Facebook and Twitter pages for Pub Crawls.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company's Beer List

beer name beer type abv availability
Weedwacker Hefeweizen hybrid 4.9% year-round
Summer Pils Bohemian Pilsner 4.9% seasonal
Fancy Lawnmower Kölsch 4.9% year-round
Elissa IPA American IPA (India Pale Ale) 6.6% year-round
Brown Ale American Brown Ale 5.3% year-round
Amber Ale American Amber/Red Ale 5.5% year-round
beer name beer type abv availability

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