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Southern Star Brewing Company

March, 2008

1207 N. FM 3083 E., Conroe, Texas 77303, 936-441-2739

Most of you know that an aluminum keeps out light and oxygen, is cheaper, easier to recycle and is much more portable than glass. So, why is craft beer in aluminum cans the “screw-off wine cap” of the beer world? Why is canned craft beer not as prevalent on store shelves? Who really cares. What really matters, “Is what’s inside worthy to drink?” The answer for Southern Star Brewing Company, is “Hell yes!” and founder Dave Fougeron makes other beer cans on store shelves whimper with envy.

The guys at the East Texas’ Piney Woods brewery, established in 2008, may truly be on to something. Our mild falls and winters in most regions in Texas allow us to enjoy year-round outdoor activities, and this gives way to a need for a craft beer can that satisfy portability. And thanks to Southern Star that need has been filled.

A 12-ounce canned craft beer is sparse but their flagship Pine Belt Pale Ale pint “tall boy” of an American Pale Ale is quite a sight to behold. With this beer, Southern Star joins the likes of Surly and Half Acre for American pint can craft domination. In addition to their Pine Belt is a small yet diverse lineup anchored by an American Blonde Ale (Blonde Bombshell), a Strong Stout (Buried Hatchet Stout) and coming soon a new seasonal Grisette (Waloon).

Dave, his team, and his distribution partners are giving folks in five other states (Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and South Carolina) the opportunity to enjoy these vessels of flavorful ales. You can also find their beer on many taps throughout their distribution areas.

What is truly awe-inspiring is their wall of can pallets and a hand canning line that can be seen when you take a Saturday tour. Tours are Saturday’s from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The best part? The tour and tastings are FREE.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Southern Star. One of our favorite quotes from Dave Fougeron, “I’ve never met an ex-craft beer drinker.” Yeah, we like that!

Southern Star Brewing Company's Beer List

beer name beer type abv availability
Walloon Grisette 5.5% seasonal
Pine Belt Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6.3% year-round
Buried Hatchet Stout Foreign / Export Stout 8.25% year-round
Bombshell Blonde American Blonde Ale 5.25% year-round
beer name beer type abv availability

More About Southern Star Brewing Company

Southern Star has a “can do” attitude about seasonals

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