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Embrace the Independent Spirit this July Fourth

By: Scooter Hendon  |  06/29/2012

Embrace the Independent Spirit this July Fourth

Independence Day is a celebration of all things American. So, before you fall victim to a pandering marketing campaign that simply slaps an American flag on a can and claims to be patriotic (you know who), consider that drinking true American -made, American-owned beer helps celebrate the independent spirit on which this country was founded. Now, before we fire up the Lee Greenwood and BBQ grills, let’s drink some beer.

Saint Arnold Homefront IPA

Few beers can claim to be as genuinely American as Homefront IPA. Proceeds from the beer’s sales go to a local chapter of Operation Homefront. This organization offers support for troops as they transition back into civilian life and Saint Arnold should be commended for becoming involved. Oh, and the beer is solid too. It’s a slightly fruity IPA with some bright citrus notes and some grapefruity, West Coast hops. Refreshing and easy to drink (for an IPA), grab plenty of Homefront and feel good to be an American.

Independence Pale Ale

Independence Brewing’s name is a bit more focused on Texas’ independence than the United States’, but for Independence Day, we’ll pretend it’s generally created in the spirit of general independence (which is really is anyway). This American pale ale is light on hops, but quite flavorful and finishes clean and the cannon on the label might inspire you to blow some things up with fireworks.

Bombshell Blonde

The label features a blonde woman riding a bomb adorned with red, white and blue stars and stripes. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on this being quite possibly the perfect July 4th beer, the brew inside matches it perfectly. It’s an American blonde ale (duh) that has a light maltiness, balanced hop presence and unique creamy finish. It’s in a can, which means it can go anywhere. We mean anywhere. Lake, river, swimming pool, park, Home Depot. You name it, you can probably sneak one in.

Karbach Weisse Versa

Many American brewers are forgoing beer style rigidity in favor of making the beers they want to make. To them, it doesn’t matter if it fits in a neat little box; as long as it tastes good and tastes like they intend it to, then who cares? Karbach did just that with this beer. Weisse Versa is a cross between a Belgian wit and a German hefeweizen and has unique characteristics from both. It has the clean, crisp finish of a wit and the clove characteristics of a hefe. The can’s label gleefully states “Both, at the same time” in reference to the style mashup. Sounds good to us.

Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle

Screeeeeeeee!!! Nothing says “AMERICA” (or MERICA) like eagles. The bald eagle is the national bird, and really, if there were such a thing as a fire eagle, it would likely supplant the bald eagle. But there isn’t, and we’re left with this wonderful American IPA. It’s got a bold hop presence, and might we say, it shotguns nicely. Cut loose July 4 and enjoy a few Fire Eagles. For America. For Texas. For eagles.

No Label Don Jalapeno

Sometimes when creating something new, you just have to ask “Why the hell not?” No Label took that innovative American spirit and took their Pale Horse American Pale Ale and spiced things up a bit by adding raw jalapenos into the mash. What they got was a unique brew that isn’t quite as spicy as it might seem. The hops of the base beer help balance some of the potentially overbearing qualities of the jalapenos for a beer that’s uniquely American.

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